Wontfix: Twitch support

hey there.

Just came across you guys. Pretty cool stuff that you are doing here. Is it possible you can road map support for Twitch live streaming? I’ve found the quality is a little better than you tube when using OBS server.

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Hi mate, sorry for the slow reply.

Twitch is a pretty bad user experience for the listener compared to other live platforms from DJ point of view as they need to pay for uninterrupted streams. This has been pretty much the only reason why Twitch has not been on our radar but if the situation changes, it would be quite easy to ad Twitch embeds to Slipmat platform.

Slipmat is all about listener experience and fanbase. The DJ needs to have an easy way to invite listeners for her gigs easily, totally free, and without any interruptions.

Thanks for the Reply.

Yes, Twitch does MUTE tracks post LIVE stream (archived). as does YouTube with every little email for ‘copyright’ infringement reported. I kinda like to try to play some sets where it can recognize any of the songs I’ve played. I’ve started messing with chew.tv as well.

We’re currently investing major development efforts in a new video solution that would allow superb audio quality together with 100% copyright mafia free streaming. This will probably and up being a paid (but not expensive) extra feature for those DJs who want to offer the best available quality to their listeners. The ability to serve over 1000 listeners, personalize the live window UI and do ticketed events etc separates Slipmat from most the competition.

Anyways, we’ll post updates here on the Backstage and I’ll probably also host a live Q&A / State of the Slipmat event soon :slight_smile: