Windows 10 and Buffering

Has anyone experienced downlaod buffering since upgrading to Windows 10? Also, what windows browsers are you using?

I haven’t got any buffering issues with Firefox/Chrome.

are you using a laptop or Mac with windows? I am using chrome

You are also closer to the server and have higher internet speeds than I do.

The buffering happens after I have been streaming for a while which is odd.

I am curious if I can adjust some Streamlab settings.

We have to make some test.

I haven’t made any transmissions through yet, but after the last Windows update,
there were some buffer problems. What I did to normalize, was to review everything that was
installed with this update and try to leave Windows with fewer “apps”. That solved…for now.

My version :point_right: Windows 10 - Version 1909 x64 (kb4541335)

I’ve had these issues while watching streams. Yesterday I got a tip that when using the new (mobile) player and chat the stream is more stable. And that did help. Had only couple of buffering issues as with the old page I would have had it buffering all the time.