Will VirtualDJ be supported?

I read that for example Playlists from different programs (Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox) are supported.
I personally use VirtualDJ. Will the playlists from VirtualDJ also be supported in the (near) future?
The playlist can be found on the Harddrive at:

(see attachment)

tracklist.txt (300 Bytes)

Hi, mate!

Thank You for the example file! Virtual DJ hasn’t been supported because in the earlier versions there weren’t a way to export playlists in machine-readable form. If I can read your example file, the support will be added this weekend! :slight_smile:

Your example file is a history file from a played set? Is there also a possibility to export a playlist in itself? We have three functionalities here for the playlists:

  1. use PlaylistConverter to convert playlists (or history exports) as text or HTML to use in your social media or blog
  2. upload playlist to be used in Request System collection
  3. upload playlist or history file in event admin to publish your set list for your listeners

Each played track (and set) will be added to the end of the file “tracklist.txt”.
In the file there’s an example of 1 played set with 4 tracks.

So if I’d play another set tomorrow, at the end of the file there would be:

VirtualDJ History 2019/10/04

12:10 : Ralphie B - Fury (Photographer Remix)
12:14 : Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge - Amber Sun (Extended Mix)

To view the current playing track in OBS, I programmed a script to read the last line of this file. :wink:

But is it possible to export a tracklist before you play a set? (For example to use as a collection file in the Request System)?

Also, how does one get to these files from the Virtual DJ UI? I need some kind of instructions so I can add them to the form :slight_smile:

I found the Playlist session in the VirtualDJ UI (which I personally never use). The playlist can be created before a set is played and will be saved on the HDD as a .m3u file.

I will attach a picture of the playlist section in the UI and the .m3u file.
(rename ST029.txt to ST029.m3u)

If you need more info, please ask.

ST029.txt (9.1 KB)


Is there any progress in this support for playlists of VirtualDJ ?