Let me introduce myself.

I’m DJ HEATWAVZ a.k.a. Demis
The founder & owner of ThugMoneyEntertainment.com & 805HEATWAVZ.COM

I’m an Aartist, Producer, Promoter, DJ & my newest title Podcast Host. I’m also involved in Booking Artist, Managing Artist & Producers, Mixing & Mastering Music & Talent Scout. Pretty much if it’s music related, I’m interested in it & have some kind of involvement with it.

Thug$Money Entertainment.com
Will be the home for my Independent Record Label I created in 2001 & operated up till 2013. As of now, I no longer working with or promoting any of the artist that once represented Thug Money Entertainment with me just a little over a decade ago. I’m ready to get back to what I love to do (MUSIC) & have decided to bring back everything I once started & this time I’m going to do it big & do it right. The Thug Money Entertainment website is nowhere near ready to being launched & I have not started my official email for the company yet but I will be working on my domain & launching the official site & email soon after I get everything working correctly for my 805Heatwavz web domain. If you’re producer or an artist who makes good music & you are interested in working together with me, or you just want to know more of how we can work together. Please free to contact me through here on this site or send me an email to: Mr.ThugMoney@Gmail.com

Now let me talk about why I’m here. 805HEATWAVZ is the reason why I’m on slipmat.io
I’m looking for ways to promote the web domain & share audio or video from the site so I’m here to see how I can network here on Slipmat.io

Will be an Subsripton based Independent Live Stream DJ Podcast with 2 Turntables & a mixer licensed with ASCAP, BMI & SESAC to play copyrighted music running Serato DJ Pro for mixing & scratching Audio+Video. When your music is played on 805HEATWAVZ, You collect the royalties for your licensed & published music. eventually I plan to share the license for 805HEATWAVZ and add new podcast host & DJ’s to host episodes & mix music of all types on the site with me & the team I’ll be working with. I have been reserching, planning & collecting everything I need to make this dream of mine a reality since 2021. The website for 805HEATWAVZ has been under construction since Jan 2024. Since I’m the only one funding everything Independently on my own. I’m planning on launching the site July 4th 2024 to celebrate my Independence day. Old or new songs, You can start submitting you music now. All tracks submitted with Instrumentals for mixing purposes will most likely get more spins. All tracks submitted might possibly be edited with Serato Studio for DJ intros & mixing purposes if the music is not already structured to be used perfectly for a DJ mix. I can’t promise your music will be played but if your music is hot, we will spin it & support your music. If you don’t have a DJ edit for your track ready for mixing, don’t worry about it. We have Serato Studio, as long as the music is hot, we’ll fix it & mix it.

Please feel free to send your old & new Hi-Quality Tracks with Instrumentals in wav, mp3 & mp4 videos to: ThatDJ@805Heatwavz.com

All great artist & DJ’s, let’s make history together. I hope the world ready because there’s some HEATWAVZ coming this Summer 2024

Signed: DJ HEATWAVZ. Spnning all the hottest music on the internet.