Which DJ / VJ Pool do you use?

Hey There,

Which DJ / VJ Pool do you use?
Please tell us what you use, your experiences, etc.



I juse:

All good, no problems!


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Great list and great topic! I’ve only used DJcity myself, but haven’t been subscribed to that for a while now. I need to check these others out.

I’d also be interested in any experiences of oldskool / classic (as in classic pop, rock) music and DJ pools, haven’t found any myself that would have decent library of older tunes. In my experience the pools work great for top 40 / club DJs but for mobile DJs not so much.


DMS has al lot music, old.
Smashvision has al lot of music video, old.
(please look at the 2 screen prints)

DJcity is difficult to download much.
DMS is very easy and fast.
Smashvision is very easy and very fast.

If you take a DMS PRO account for a year you will get a smashvision pro account for free !!!
If you need special info… just pm me.



Now that Serato has support for Tidal, I’ve been using that a lot for playing at home. :sweat_smile: Definitely going to check some of the aforementioned services out!

Tidal is not realy a DJ Pool :innocent: you can’t use it :innocent: on a party, just like Spotify, Deezer, Apple music, Amazon music, ect.

I don’t care… but…


Yeah, not for gigs but for home use it’s nice. I’ve been getting my songs as physical copies or from Beatport for gig use. :slight_smile:

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The UK is a bit more limited but I use CDPool and Promo Only which give a good all round selection.

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BPM supreme for now

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I use Wemix.eu for music videos and bpm supreme for everything else

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I forget to put the price for a DMS PRO account… $449,- (In dollar but you can use also in UK & EU) You have to Take DMS PRO for a year, only then you get Smashvision PRO for free!.

So… for $449,- LINK TO DMS you get:

  • Smashvision PRO

It’s like everywhere … nothing perfect, but easy to download, no need to click endlessly to download, 1 price for a year.

(I see a lot of DJ pools above which are much more expensive)

If you have a question if they offer a certain type … send me a PM, I will look for you and make a screen print.


Tidal. Digital DJ Pool. DJBooth.net & breakingtracks.Com all legit

Digital DJ Pool, BPM Supreme, and DoingTheDamage.com

I use https://xtendamix.eu/ for music videos.

I use LiveDJService.com (created by Benzi if anyone’s familiar with him) – about $30/mo

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