Welcome to Slipmat Community Chat!

This is loooong overdue, mostly because we wanted to build our own site-wide chat using our own infrastructure. Problem is, everything takes time and we’re still focusing on “more important” features. Hence, now we have a community chat over at Discord. For those unfamiliar with Discord, it’s a free service that you can use with your browser but there are native apps available, too.

Welcome to Slipmat Discord chat at https://discord.gg/PCSwhkZ :slight_smile:


NICE!! I have been using discord with another community I am apart of. SO RAD!!

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There’s a lot to figure out here!

You’re right, and the experience isn’t optimal. Trust me, we know!

But on the other hand we have lots to offer as well! :slight_smile:

Baby steps towards a better future… :slight_smile: