Wanna help? Start here!

Good hello Slippers!

If you want to donate your time for Slipmat, start here. Comment below how you would like to help and we’ll take it from there :slight_smile: (If you’re shy, don’t worry about it, just pm me instead!)

Important: you don’t need to know technical stuff or be perfect in any way, there’s something for everyone.

Also, the easiest and simplest thing to help with is to be active here on Backstage. Take few minutes off your other social media activities and spend it here instead by posting and commenting, that will help help a lot! :slight_smile:


Don’t know how I can help, but happy to try!

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Hi @DrBones! Take a look some of the recent postings here, and for example Slipmat growing pains and Slipmat Beta 30 Released - where I outline few very simple and concrete examples on how to help. Thanks for your effort! :+1: :slight_smile:

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Ready to help.
Djing since 1979.
Resident DJ in a big Disco/Bar in Porto-Portugal, now on quarentine due to covid-19 (not ill, but Disco is closed until further notice).

Loving the webpage so far. Cant wait to get started and bring in some good vibes. I’m an open format dj in both English & Spanish Latin club music

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I would like to help to bring a new crowd to the scene. I want to integrate roller skating into the real world. Some people skate most people don’t because you’re on wheels. Guaranteed fact, the feel of the music (Not sound) moves you rather it’s atomic dog or it’s stir fry. Everyone like something that will get played. This is a place where you can skate to anything and create your own zin within yourself rather you skate or not. This is feel good soulful music.