Random ranting

I’m new but you have make it easier for people to spin! Got approved but y’all wanted a link to where I was streaming from! I want to copy and paste YOUR link so I can spin. This IS the place to be but you make it hard! You gotta let go of this beta! Don’t make it so hard to get in. You’re IT! Chew is dead so make it happen! You have no clue how many DJ’s wanted to spin here but said NO because of the hard time to get in here. People just want to spin! If you keep going on this beta version you’ll die like Chew did.

Hi @PrivateSean could you tell what is hard and wrong in this site? It is really hard to develope it if you are just complaining and not really telling what is wrong with it. Please let us know and we can build this site more user friendly and easier to use.


@oxyrtrd It’s hard to be in someone elses shoes (Mine). Sorry that it sounded like I was yelling but text really never gets the point accross. Here’s the reply I gave to another post. If I could write that all over again I would compose it differently. Oh, and I wasn’t complaining. (Read Below)

There are people that want to simply go to a DJ site where they can show what they can do and simply copy, paste and spin. Like the old days.

Times change though and I was slapped in the face! Spent $3500 on DJ equipment and I couldn’t find a place to spin. Plus the wife was more of an issue than anything! This Rane stuff sat in my living room since June!

But, since you asked…is there any way you guys and gals can somehow add a link to “Bandlab” to your site? I did make a YouTube account but I’m sure I’ll have to wait and then they’ll slap me with copywrite when I do spin.

“Sorry I ruffled some feathers. I didn’t mean to get off on the wrong foot. I took the wife yelling at me for buying this stuff on you! And I’m sorry. This Rane equipment sat in the living room for months because the wife said no. She said sell it! In the mean time I still looked for someplace to spin. Several months later I found you and I said The heck with it. I’m pulling the stuff out of the box. (She was gone on the days I posted). I became desparate to spin and show her I could still spin like the old days. I am truly sorry! With the wife on my ass I got on your nerves and that wasn’t right. I’m not a hater! I’m a lover of great DJ mixes. After I spent $3500 on equipment and found no where to spin I freaked. And again, for the third time I’ll say I’m SORRY! As they say, text never tells the whole story. Well, now you have some of it. @DrBones @uninen”.

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Good to hear your apology. Can’t understand where you’re getting stuck yet though?

@PrivateSean I understand sentences with exclamation mark as yelling. Sorry about that.

I have streamed several live sets using YT without any issues. Just remember delete the live recording immediatelly after stop streaming and you can avoid all copyright issues.

You can also get really easily streaming keys for using slipmat.io’s own encoder server. It takes hour or two and you are ready to spin, totally free and without any copyright issues.