Using "outside link" and preview player won't start

Hi everybody!!

I noticed that when we tried to add “outside” URL: for our stream in event . Then we tried to start it… there were not any previewplayer on stream (picture)

Everything was still OK! when we pressen button “The video preview is correct and working. Let’s open chat!”

But there should be some kind player?? right??

Tried to find if anyone has this problem, but i didnt find

By “outside URL” you mean YouTube URL or a third-party RTMP stream URL?

Yes, there should be a video player there. The preview player is identical to the event player (that’s kind-of the point: it being identical reflects exactly the live event page) but it loads differently so in some cases it needs a manual refresh for the whole page before it starts playind. Did you try to restart the page?

With third-party RTMP streams usually the problem is in CORS settings, but if you allow either '' or '*' everything should work.


Now it did work…

This is called: “henkimaailman juttuja”

We did fight this thing about 1hour :smiley:

So… No BUG

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