User profile form validation error

Hey there,

currently the resgiration process is broken for listener accounts - have also replicated the same for me as reported by a friend . Using Firefox to complete username / TZ / Location etc. … save button doesn’t complete the submission

The problem is solved when unique items are in each field - however if you use the same reference in each it doesn’t feedback an error : this is stopping (I have now found) people registering as they give up … worth putting some notes and feedback info to avoid losing listeners on our streams where posted elsewhere!!!

Could you explain what is happening (or not happening) with bit more detail? I don’t understand the problem.

We’ve had over 100 registrations that have visited events (ie. new users with working user profiles) past week and the latest one was 16 minutes ago, so the process seems to be working for many users.

If there is a bug it’s clearly a high priority and will be fixed ASAP but it’s hard to debug these without detailed description of the problem.

If you put the username, name and display name the same it doesn’t throw up an error … but doesn’t allow the click on submit. Ideally should throw up a message ‘username cannot be same as display name’ etc.

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Ok, that makes sense. Luckily not a very common case but I created a high severity ticket for this so it’ll get fixed ASAP.

Thank You for reporting the issue! :+1:

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