Unable to link backstage to DJ profile


I have created one personal DJ account and a DJ account for a nightclub that me and some friends are trying to launch in Scotland. I am unable to link either DJ profile to Backstage, I appear to be logged in on Backstage with the correct user each time but when I go back to the DJ profile page it says I can not create an event due to not having linked the profiles.

The two users are
Lithgow Wilson

Any ideas?



Don’t really understand your problem here but if you have two listener profiles you should delete the one that is a double.

DJ invitations are matched to user profiles via email so if you added a different email to the beta list than your listener profile, you should change one of them for the system to be able to match them.

Finally, for Backstage to sync your details, log out and log in again.

Hi Uninen,

Thanks for the response, this is working following a logout and log back in, the reason for 2 profiles is I would like to broadcast myself DJing. The other profile is a for a club night which is launching in the local area so its people including myself, I was not trying to link between the two different profiles.