Tips - can they be backdated?

Hi there,
I’ve only just located the part of my profile, where i add an email for Paypal
Can Tips i have already received be backdated? I’m not sure where they’ve been going to be honest. Is there a way to send it to my bank account instead?
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So can tips be backdated?

I think @FidgetRadio has received about €100 in Tips since we started. Some of that will have paid for the Early Bird Pro Subscription and some will be due to Slipmat in fees. Is it possible to either withdraw the rest or to have it used to pay for a few months of Frankie Subs?

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Sorry for slow reply.

Not sure what you mean but if you want a manual tip payout, just dm me here the event links and I’ll make a manual transaction via PayPal to the email you’ve set in your DJ profile.

Yes, it’s definitely possible to use the past tips for your subscription fees. We don’t have automated funtionality for this yet but dm me if you want to set this up and I’ll make a manual change.

And the same for withdrawing tips, just dm me and I’ll do a manual payout! :slight_smile:

I’m currently preparing a proper tip dashboard for all DJs to help with all this, it will have a list of your received tips, functionality to use tips for subscriptions and a way to trigger automated payouts. (Optimally the tip transactions themselves could be split between two receivers but unfortunately PayPal doesn’t offer this possibility as we’re not a commercial partner.)