Time Zone Issue

Uninen. It seems that my Time Zone is still an issue. I set up an event for tonight, and I’ve gone in several times, and it shows a start time of 21:00. However when public peeps look for the event it shows starting at 4AM. Can you help me get this Time Zone issue fixed so people aren’t confused on event times? Thanks.

Your event times are calculated from your listener profile timezone setting. If you don’t know your timezone, open up the public event page, save your profile with new timezone, refresh the event page and see if it displays correctly. Repeat until fixed.

All times on the site are displayed according to the logged in users timezone. So if my timezone is GMT+0 and I set an event starting at noon, a listener who lives on GMT+1 sees the event starting at his local time (which is 1pm). For users who are not logged in we display both event timezone and its GMT time.

I thought I had changed and fixed the Time Zone yesterday. What is showing to the public is that my event starts TOMORROW at 4am. Then is says “To see your local time zone please sign in”. Is there any way to disply MY Time Zone, even when not logged in, as opposed to GMT+0? This is very confusing to people and when they haven’t signed in they think the event is happening later. I’ve had a few peeps message me already.

Even so, it says on MY view the event starts at 9pm, which is still an hour off. I don’t recall where I find the profile that changes this. I don’t see an option from my DJ Admin.

Also double-check the event form what it says in there. Go to your DJ dashboard and edit the event.

Actually, the event somehow changed to 2100 as opposed to 2000. That’s fixed now, but it still shows 3am to all those who are not signed in. Any way to have this show the Time Zone for the DJ hosting the event?

Sure, that’s a good idea, we can add that as well. Not a high-prio fix, tho.

You can use the event description field to add any additional information about timezones or whatever regarding your event. It’s there for you in every event.