Thanks for the Slipmat Festival!

The festival organizing team (@DrBones, @MrGoolsby, @digitizedsoul and myself) wanted to say thanks to everyone while the memory is fresh.

So firstly Thank You to all the artists who made the festival. The fast timetable and the not always the best communication from us didn’t make it easy but every artist rose up to the challenge. It was truly a team effort and I myself was very impressed by the quality of the events. Great job, Slippers! :+1:

Second, huge Thank You also to the whole Slipmat community who were tirelessly packing the events full and keeping up good vibes in the chat :slight_smile: It was such a fun experience to get to hang out with everyone and to hear positive comments towards the DJs who all worked hard to be there for the audience. So thanks to all old and new slipmatians who visited the festival events – it wouldn’t have been so fun without you! :pray:

We’ll publish a proper archive page for the festival with video and audio recordings of all the events so if you missed some events, or if you want to relive them, you can do so soon.

Many artists and listeners were asking if something like could be done again. The answer is definitely yes! The planning has been already started for the next festival and we will announce more info about it soon.

For me personally this was a pretty hectic few weeks but after these two days, gotta say, music does heal.

Stay safe, see you on Slipmat! :slight_smile:


HUGE thanks to Uninen and organizers, and of course to everybody else too! I’m so happy, and suprised that there is a screenshot from my show :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
About that recording, i had some issues with sound in the beginning, but i had two recordings so i fixed it and i’ll publish it myself on my Youtube channel. I can send the mp4 if needed :slight_smile:
But usually i add the recordings to my artist profile so you can check from there! :eyes:
Much love, and Rave On! :heartpulse:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok, good to know! I’ll get in touch with you so we can sort out the fixed recording for the festival page. This work will take a while as we now want to focus on some of the backlog that got pretty big during past few weeks as we only focused on the festival things.

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