Text vs rich text on event form

Hi just an idea - how about when you copy and paste text into the show set-up page, it goes in as plain text, rather than keeping ALL the formatting? It starts to get a bit like MySpace otherwise - it would keep a consistant look across the site too. You could do it in this forum thing as well perhaps?

This is already implemented by your operating system. You can do “paste as text” on all platforms. (On macOS, Command + Option + Shift + V)

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It seems bizarre to have to do this to type things normally - it keeps all the fonts, but doesn’t do the links automatically. I need to fix the formatting, but i have to add the links manually?

Thanks for the tip though man - I know there are other more important things in the pipeline just now! Just an idea to simplify things in future :slight_smile:

Copying and pasting rich text on the Web is a bit of a moving target as it depends so much where you are moving it from. Most native editors provide a semi-compatible API that works with most browsers but still all browsers and all text editors implement their own systems. Therefore, using the operating system commands is usually the safest bet.

We use a third-party rich text editor on the event form as implementing something like rich text formatting properly would literally take months. (It’s not trivial.) If you want proper rich formatting for the event description, my suggestion is to paste in plain text and apply formatting manually, that works all the time. (You can also experiment with different text editors, some probably work better than others.)

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Thanks for this dude - one for the back burner by the sounds of it! :slight_smile:

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It would help in designing the upcoming new DJ dashboard if you’d like to open up your process a little bit. How does your workflow go, where are you copying the text from etc?

If, for example, the same text needs to be in many places, we could think ways how to integrate those places into Slipmat so you would need to only put the data in one place and let Slipmat push it to wherever it needs to go.

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I copy text from a text doc with no formatting on it to simplify the process for me. Not that i write the same thing every week, but i kinda do, changing the odd word here and there… :smiley:

Would it help to for example use the previous event text as a starting point instead of a blank slate?

(Btw. if you want to do this now, just copy the text from the public event page. Copying and pasting rich text including urls works at least with Firefox.)

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That could be a good solution! It’s no biggy, it’s just the text doc i use is on another computer, so i had to reformat it all when putting it in today!