Testing Stream

Hi, not sure if this is the right thread to post in? I’ll be testing the stream at https://streamer-trial.slipmat.io/hls/mike-west.m3u8 for the next few hours, any feed back re: quality / buffering etc would be much appreciated

The URL you posted is your video container, not the event URL. Go to your event page and copy the URL from the browser address bar instead :slight_smile:

Doh! :flushed:https://slipmat.io/mike-west/steam-test-2/

Thanks Uni!

Hey Uninen, I couldn’t of logged out, there should be three different names in my profil. Not sure still if this is what’s required?



Tell me

1: what is your artist name,
2: what personal username / name you want to use on Slipmat?


go to your listener profile https://slipmat.io/account/edit/ and change the details to match answer 2,

and then, log out of backstage and log back in to make the changes stick.

I’ve now explained the procedure at least 10 times.

AFTER you do the things above, reply me again and I’ll go and open your DJ profile. This will again be manual work for me which takes time away from developing the site and helping others.

Hey Uninen, Sorry to take your time, hopefully after logging out of both sites and back in again, it should be ok :no_mouth: I don’t want another flaming again :blush:

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I’m sorry, don’t want to sound like an asshole, I’m just been under superfuckingduper amounts of stress here lately and the invitations keep on coming and I just don’t have the resources to help everyone all the time.

Could you please answer my questions 1, and 2?

No worries Uni, I understand you must be overwhelmed, especially during the lockdown. I took your bollocking in the way it was meant, no offence at all.

  1. RetroRadio TV
  2. Mike West

I appreciate your help,


Ok, so your personal username should be “Mike West” or something in the lines of that. Please go to https://slipmat.io/account/edit/ and make the changes. Go back to Backstage, log out of Backstage, then log back in. Then report here again.

Fingers crossed Uninen all should be done, logged out and back in to both slipmat and backstage.



Looking good Mike! :slight_smile: :+1:

Gimme a few minutes and I’ll open your DJ profile now. Wait a few minutes, then go to your dj dashboard and edit your artist profile to match answer 1.

You can edit your profiles any time you want, but remember two things: 1) listener profile should not be identical to DJ profile, and 2) after changing listener profile, you must log out from backstage to sync the changes.

Edit: profile unlocked.

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