Streaming directly from Traktor Pro


I wondered if it were possible to stream directly from Traktor Pro… one;y really interested in the audio… Nobody want to be staring at my mug in any case!

Good question and understandable worries :smiley:

Slipmat focuses only on RTMP-streams where the audio is transferred in a video container. We don’t have – nor have any plans to implement – an Icecast server that would allow streaming directly from Traktor. If there is a growing demand for this, we may consider it again, but so far almost all of our DJs are happy with RTMP-streams. (If you want, feel free to add a feature request so the community can vote on this.)

That said, there is an easy way to stream without video (camera): just use a static image or any muted video clip of your liking to your OBS scene :slight_smile: