Stream without video

Is there a way to stream a dj music mix without video?

Yes and no, it depends what you mean. The audio is streamed on Slipmat via the video container so in the sense of “can I use IceCast or similar” no, you can’t, you need to stream video either vial YouTube, our native encoder or a third party RTMP video stream.

But in the sense of “do I need a webcam or a video camera”, no you don’t – you can just send a static image or any video you like with the audio stream :slight_smile:

Back in the day IceCasting from Traktor was super easy compared to video streaming so it made sense to put effort in building and maintaining the server and infrastructure for it but nowadays using pre-configured OBS is also just a one-button task so there is very little added benefit for all the work it requires code-wise. So unless someone steps forward and builds the feature for us, Slipmat won’t support audio-only streams.

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I just use a static image on OBS myself. I have considered adding a webcam, but focusing on my cats, but not yet…