Solved: DJ profile disappeared

I got this when trying to go dj admin page and seems that artist profile doens’t show in artists list.

Hm. that’s weird. It seems that your profile has been disabled – but not by me at least.

We’ve recently sent out some emails to the Beta DJ mailinglist, maybe you’ve unsubscribed by accident? Unsubscribing from the beta list automatically disables (and it should also send “preparing for deletion” emails as well and trigger to-be-deleted process) your profile. Can’t think of anything else but even in this situation there’s a bug there.

I’ll look into it.

Yep. Actually I did unsubscribe accidentally. Should I make a new DJ profile? I can do it :slight_smile:

Ok, that makes a bit more sense :slight_smile: No need to do anything else but re-join the mailinlist with the same email adress, everything should work normally after that.

I created ticket #463 for fixing this. If you are active DJ and leave the mailinglist, you should have a warning email explaining what happens (your DJ profile will be deactivated and data deleted) with a few days to reconsider. But for GDPR-reasons we also need to fix the cleanup script so people can fully delete their data if they want to.

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Everything working again. TY! :slight_smile:

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