Slipmat Week Notes 6/2021

Wintery Friday, Slippers! :wind_face:

There has been lots of progress during past week with the upcoming v3 changes. As usual the Discord community chat dev-firehose channel displays literally every detail but the Iteration Plan ticket is perhaps a bit more human-friendly view of the progress.

Among other things, we now have an official documentation for the upcoming v3 site, including a public roadmap and documented contribution process.

We’re on course to get an early preview of the new site by next week and a fully working early version online in 2-3 weeks time. We’ll contact all artists and users about the final migration in a couple of weeks time after the plan is finalized.

Want to test the new tech?

We still have some ongoing alpha projects in progress and all active Slipmat DJs are welcome to test the new tech. If you are a Frankie subscriber and want to test any (one or more) of the following, please PM me here on Backstage:

  • Frankie Pro event recordings
  • Frankie Pro restreaming
  • Native Slipmat iOS app

The alpha testing phase means usually more manual work and involves a bit of extra communication and bug hunting but it’s also a great chance to be involved in the development process :slight_smile:

Your Feedback Is Appreciated!

Slipmat is a very unique platform among the current streaming sites as our development process is fully decided and guided by the community. In other words, you can influence the process and the future of the site by contributing. So keep the feature requests, bug reports coming and discussions alive :+1:

Enjoy the music, peeps!

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