Slipmat Week Notes 12/2022

Happy Friday, Slippers! :wave:

It’s been a month since the last update and the work on the new Slipmat has been pretty hectic. I’m also very happy to announce something our social media followers learned earlier this week; a new short link homepage - free for ALL active Slipmat artists :slight_smile:

Free homepage for all Slipmat artists

Promoting online stuff is hard because we have so many profiles and so many URLs to choose from. Many artists don’t even have a proper homepage, or they have one that is hard to update. If you need a short link to use for promos, you might have used things like Bitly or Linktree which kind of work but arent very artist-friendly. But now, every Slipmat artist have their own unique homepage which is very short (easy to include in offline and online promos), always up to date (it uses your Slipmat profile data, you don’t need to worry about updating it manually), and privacy-friendly (no cookie banners or tracking). For free.

If you are a Slipmat artist and you play sets here on Slipmat, your profile metadata gets now automatically collected and published on our new homepage service at This is yet another small step testing our new v3 APIs, and available now. Best part; you don’t have to do anything to get your new homepage working, it’s published already!

Your short link address is simple: just append your artist profile slug to the URL. For example:

This new homepage is currently fully static and there’s no configuration options whatsoever. And, because Twitter requires 1:1 aspect ratio review photos which we currently don’t have, we need to show twitter Slipmat logo preview instead of your artist profile photo. But your photo shows up normally on all other sites and again, the data on the short link homepage is whatever you have on your Slipmat artist profile.

Note: the static homepage data does not update in real time, it get’s updated every 24 hours. So if you change something in your artist profile, give up to 24 hours for the changes to propagate through.

This release today is just version 1. We’ll get more data in and near-realtime updates when we get all the artist data moved to the v3 platform. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Other updates

  • The new v3 Live Page conversion project is now under way and we’ve been pushing updates on Twitter in addition to the realtime updates on the Discord chat dev-firehose channel. This is a huge project and will be taking at least few more weeks to complete.
  • Playlist Converter, our oldest tools, has been ported over to the v3 platform and is now in secret-ish testing at We also published the engine as open source project. Nerdy folks can find all our open source from GitHub. This is is nearly finished, expecting to get it properly launched in a week or two.
  • The Slipmat Request System is also being converted to v3 platform and this will be a major new feature on Slipmat. The new system allows independent use on mobile and club gigs, collaborative use with other DJs and lots more. The alpha version should be up for testing in next week, more details about this soon.

The vision is clear

I woke up last Saturday in a really nice hangover after another legendary night here on Slipmat. Something had clicked and the holistic vision I’ve tried to paint for so many years was finally super clear in my mind. I’m currently writing this out as a longer blog post and will redo our v3 homepage to reflect the vision. In short, Slipmat is not about live streaming, it’s about being there and helping along with everything from planning events and shows, working with mobile clients and audience, collaborating with other artists, and of course, having the best venue on the Internet for live music shows.

I’m happy you’re here with us on this journey!

Again, you can follow along on our Discord server, on our official @slipmatio Twitter account, and a bit more daily progress on my personal @uninen Twitter account.

If you want to help, the easiest thing to do is to share things on social media and tell your friend about us. And if you want to do more, just contact me!


- DJ Uninen

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