Slipmat Festival wants your mixtapes!

Fellow Slipmat DJs! The festival organizers need your mixtapes as a backup plan in case some of the artists cancel last minute or have any issues with their stream.

We are looking for 1-hour DJ-mixtapes in any format that can be easily downloaded. There are no genre restrictions nor do we want to limit the submissions for the festival artists – feel free to submit your own mixtape no matter if you are participating or not. Submit a link to your mixtape as a comment under this post. If we end up using your mixtape, your details will, of course, be promoted as well so make sure the metadata is correct in the submitted file.

Also, all participating DJs should once more make sure the current proposed schedule works for them – we have made some changes and hope them to be now final :slight_smile:


Hmm do you want video-mixtapes or just sound? Aaand, do you want that the mixtapes are old slipmat-streams or just any mixtapes, aaand how about if there is speaks in it? And finally, where to send the link? :slight_smile:

Plain audio is just fine, but I guess video works as well!

Any mixtapes or DJ-promo mixes, anything that has good quality audio and mixing is fine :slight_smile:

I think in our situation beggars can’t be choosers but still, we definitely prefer mixes without too much speaking. The idea is to have backup audio for emergencies and possible silences, not to promote any DJ or event or any other “fun” stories.

Post links here in the comments!

Edit: once more, any 1-hour long mixtape will do, it definitely doesn’t need to be recent or tailored for this purpose – we’re just looking good mixes :slight_smile:

Download button enabled!

psst… I have couple musicvideo-mixtapes, but the quality is not so good… Should i put the links still here?
Ravemania mix is 1h, mp4, 480x360, audio 96kpbs… DanceRave mix is 1h 7mins, mp4, 640 x 480, audio 128kpbs…


hey my very old lite trance mix tape hope this help

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Ask and you shall receive! :slight_smile:

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49 Minutes… If you want it I can modify it to have 12 more minutes.

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DJ TMK mixtape


My first festival live set recorded last year. Listen & enjoy