Slipmat and Your Private Data

Everyone is probably already fed up with dozens of emails from various sites changing their privacy policies because of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This EU regulation demands that sites and businesses take better care of your data and are more clear on what is been collected and how it’s being stored and used.

Slipmat is still in private beta and hence also unfinished in this regard. Slipmat does not collect or use any personal data in a creepy way. We collect tons of statistics about events for the DJ but that data is anonymous, not tied to any one person or user. The site is also very secure and we take security seriously. (In short, your passwords are hashed and salted, all payment info is stored by Stripe, our servers are well hardened and maintained, and all development is done with anonymized data.)

For the moment, if you want to remove your account or an export of your user data, email us at from the email address that is linked to your account and we’ll handle your request the best we can.

In near future, we’ll update following things to the site:

  • Ability to delete your account by yourself
  • Ability to export your personal data by yourself
  • Proper privacy-document describing all the data we collect and how we store it
  • Updated user agreement
  • Documentation of security-related features

In longer-term future we’ll fix following things:

  • Implement encryption to chat (planned in next sprint +1)
  • Implement 2-factor authentication support for added security
  • Convert analytic scripts to anonymize the data as we don’t need (or want) your IP for site analytics

If you have any questions regarding your privacy or security on Slipmat or anything specific regarding GDPR changes, feel free to ask here on Backstage or email us at :slight_smile:

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