Single Touch Engagement

Can we have as DJ’s single touche responses to the crowd or hype generators. Like badges or stamps that can be send or popup over the video stream by hitting one button.

Can you explain in detail what do you mean? I didn’t quite get it.

So instead of having to tupe out a message while live mixing you can say right click a chatterbox in the chat and award him a status or bage like “Groupies”. Once the bage is awarded a big 3 secomef anamition of the bag can pop as an overly on the stream sobthat all can see saying listen x has been rewarded the status “Groupies”. You can imagine all the diffrint fun bafges you can have. Maybe one for when someone subscribes to your profile or if they are a big hype generator etc. I hope that makes sense?

Ah, yes, now I see what you mean. Interesting idea! :+1: