Show will not stream

Okay … I have macbook pro … OBS… put in the stream keys correctly … made up a valid video URL … started the event and started streaming and all i kept getting were fatal video errors. I tried at least 5 times … very very frustrating. This site has been super hard to navigate. While I love the premise (especially since is now gone and there’s not many sites left that allow this) … it almost seems not worth the headache and stress to try and understand how to navigate all this. With chew u logged in, created an event, dropped in the stream keys and poof … show was live … here im jumping through hoop after hoop to run into nothing but dead ends. I’m at al loss as to what to do. I’m sorry to vent but … I have a schedule and rely on shows going live the same time every week … this has all thrown a huge wrench in the works. :frowning:

We’re a community driven site, nobody is getting paid to write documentation or do tech support. (In fact, I spend hundreds of euros of money from my own pocket each month to keep the site running for all the DJs and listeners using the site, not even mentioning the time put in for developing and support like this.) We rely on the community to help each others.

I find it a bit sad that I need to keep repeating same things over and over (as the fact is made very clear to all DJs joining in) but this site is in private beta, nothing is supposed to be 100% ready nor documented yet as everything keeps changing weekly bases.

If you have actual questions about some functionality, feel free to ask for help eiher here or in our new community chat, but posts like these don’t really help much I’m afraid.

PS. Refer to How to Report Issues document for your next post :slight_smile:


Hello @ToddGilbert!

I have to ask what is your Video URL in Event creation page?

Try to use this if you are using Native Stream Engine: :wink:

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