Set-up issues

Here’s a few things i’ve noticed:
If you create a show, you cannot delete it or edit it after it is made - i forgot to set the date and now it is stuck there forever with the wrong day & time!

Can you make it so that pasted text comes in as unformatted on the screen set up too? You can really copy/paste stuff without having to reformat it all - i copied text from FB and it’s all reversed out and all over the place. It might solve the issue with playlists not publishing, if the text was unformatted too?

You definitely can! There is an edit button next to the event:

If there is an issue with saving edits, that’s another matter. At least for me it works normally, just tried.

This is unfortunately not an easy fix as we use a third-party editor on the form. The easiest way to achieve this is to use “paste without formatting” option from your operating system (at least macOS has this, I assume others as well) OR you paste the text first into a text editor that doesn’t support formatting, and then copy it from there.

The current playlist functionality only works with DJ-software exports, it has nothing to do with this. But it’s on a pretty high prio to get a freeform text pasted as playlists after the set – probably with the next update!

Also, in an unrelated note, I noticed that one of your events was cancelled due to the date being wrong. There was an issue with user profile editing fixed just yesterday, please doublecheck that your timezone information is correct in your user profile! (Here: )

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Thank you for the quick reply man! That show you mentioned that was cancelled, i just created today - but forgot to swap the date, and then i took so long messing with the text formatting, it was already in the past once i published it. My own fault and now i’ve got two shows for 27th! Is there a way i can remove ones that are now expired?

The one that the bot cancelled is now archived so it’s not visible anywhere else than on your public artist profile as a single item on a list of shows.

You can hide individual events from the archives by going to the event detail page from your DJ dashboard and toggling off the visibility from the bottom of that page.

You can of course also delete events that are upcoming. Just edit the event and you’ll find a delete-button from the bottom of the edit-page.