Request System Collection File Size


I have a collection.txt about 11mb large. Can i get them uploaded? So i can provide listeners wish list.

Thank You

The maximum file size is currently 2 Mb so you need to thin your list to that size in order to being able to upload it.

The size limit allows for 2-3 k songs in the system, which at the current UI design is about the maximum it can handle in a smart way. We’ll probably work on making the UI better in the future so you can use much bigger libraries.

But for now, just select a subset of your tracks and upload a file smaller than 2 Mb.

I’m doing this with Traktor Pro and its collect too much information from idetags to playlist export. I can get about 1000 tracks to my lists before site say “Entity is too large”. It’s would be incredible nice update if we get more tracks to Slipmat’s request system. :wink:


Can you please Give me instructions how to get playlists into slipmat. I’ve tried couple of times. One time I got 12k songs into 1,8mb file and uploaded only 887 of them.

Thank you

Opened a new ticket (#193) about this to increase the upload size. It’s not as straightforward as it might seem, but doable with some planning. We’ll get this into the next update after the megaone :slight_smile:

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Need some more info than that. Did you get some error message, if so what? What program / playlist format do you use? Only generic advice I can think of is to limit your songs to maximum of 2-3k items for best results.

Currently the request system UI isn’t cabable of handling huge amount of songs, so even if you could upload a huge file, your listeners couldn’t use the system as it woud become too slow. So only upload maximum of 2-3k songs. And remember, maximum means upper limit, you can do by with less :slight_smile:

Rekordbox and .txt.
I Can’t get it right with rekordbox.
Birdie says that you’ve done with rekordbox. Give me instructions how.


I’m struggling to give any clearer instructions than above.

First, please read instructions above.

What’s your exact problem? Describe what you do in each step, what happens, and what should happen instead in your mind?