Report any issues you are having with Frankie

Since our latest update it seems that we still have few DJs having some problems with Frankie. Luckily ~90% of the feedback we’re getting are in the lines of “fantastic” and “no problems whatsoever” so I’m happy with the general direction :slight_smile:

If you do experience any issues with Frankie encoder, please report them here. Please also understand that we need actual data to be able to debug possible issues, so plain comments like “it didn’t work well” do not help one iota. At the very minimum include all of the following in your report:

  1. Exactly when did the problems occur (link your event URL, the specific times are easy to find there)
  2. What streaming software do you use (for example OBS, mimoLive, ?)
  3. What was the result of Speedtest upload rate before your set? ( )
  4. Where are you streaming from physically? ( Country / City, to pinpoint the physical distance between you and Slipmat servers )
  5. What settings you have set (ALL of these: video resolution, video bitrate, video FPS, keyframe interval, audio bitrate, audio sample rate)
  6. Do you use a forwarding service (like restream) to stream to Slipmat or any other non-standard setup that differs from your software -> Frankie?
  7. On top of the data above, describe the problems you or your listeners were having.

Please, only add full and detailed reports or you are wasting everyones time. We already have logs but we don’t have your data and you are the only one who can provide it.

Tips for debugging stream issues

  • Keep measuring your upload rate. By far the most common issues with streaming are related to lacking bandwith. Even if you measure good upload speed once, it can be totally different on different time of day, a different weekday, on a different computer etc. Keep measuring and during the times you have problems, make a habbit of always doing a measurement before you start streaming. Data helps!
  • If you use third-party integrations like restream, try to stream directly to Slipmat and see if that makes any difference. (Remember: all test events need to be private.)
  • Try using a different software. By trying a different software you can again either pinpoint or eliminate the sofware being your issue. The point is not that you need to change what software you use, the point is to try to figure out if the problem has to do with the software you use or not. (Again: always mark test events as private.)
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