Reminder to all Slipmat DJs: please invite your fellow DJs, too!

I’ve been reading all kinds of disturbing news from the big platforms disrupting, silencing and blocking livestreaming DJs. Playing music to non-interested passers by with crappy sound quality is definitely not worth losing your presence on those platforms.

There are better alternatives. If you like Slipmat and want to help us grow to be able to get you even more listeners and visibility, the easiest thing you can do is to recommend us to your fellow DJs :slight_smile:

Remember: any DJ can invite others in by being their mentor. We also have a great team of mentors available 24/7 on our community chat invite channel :slight_smile:


Just as a thought - have you considered building a referal program for subscription time might help to build some additional web-fall traffic to


Referral program is an excellent idea. When we get to 100% with the funding (currently at 80% level) we’ll definitely do that!