Release notes - Week 4 / 2017

Better late than never – this weeks production push got online very late, but here we go again:

New Feature: there’s now a flexible feedback functionality

Many DJs don’t have a homepage or other ways to get listener feedback. The new feedback-functionality on Slipmat live events allows listeners to very easily give feedback right from the live event page, either anonymously or using Slipmat profile details. The feedback can also be marked public, which means that the DJ can for example read it during the event or publish it on event page or elsewhere.

At the moment the feedback can be given only from the live event page, but we’ll add a form to the DJ profile page soon.

This functionality, like most of the features, was grown out of real life needs. Having a way to receive anonymous feedback is important, and being able to easily use that feedback during live events or publishing it later is very handy. I hope many of you find this useful also - and feedback on making this better is also very welcome! :slight_smile:

Improvement: chat highlights are now much better

When you type a persons whole nick on the chat, she will see (and hear if the sound notifications are on) the message highlighted. (The easiest way to use this is to type one or two first characters of the nick, and then press TAB one or more times to autocomplete the nick.) These highlighted messages are now much easier to see. Thanks to Taustahemmo for the suggestion!

Improvement: Live page is now lighter and loads faster

The live page has been getting some serious dieting advice and lost almost 500 Kb weight and also trimmed a couple of unnecessary linked files. These optimisations can reduce the initial page loading time as much as 1-2s.

Coming up next

The next update will focus on streamlining the streaming options, increasing the usability of DJ admin functions and polishing several aspects of the site. And as always, your feedback is very welcome! :slight_smile:

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