Release Notes - Week 15 / 2017

It’s been a long time since last big update, my apologies for the hiatus. This weeks upgrade brings few long-awaited usability improvements and lots of small polishing tweaks.

Improvement: event details can now be changed during live event

You can now enable or disable tipping and request system during the live event. You can also update request system collection, change video ID and force refresh the live page for everyone. In other words, all of the important event functionality can now be edited from the live page during the event, so no more emergency-event-creating nor speed-dialing you-know-who :slight_smile:

Although we’re far from beautiful, the live admin tools have also gotten a bit of a facelift.

Improvement: live page refresh now gives 10 second heads up notice

Previously all event modifications would trigger an instantaneous page refresh which was somewhat annoying. Now when DJ changes the live event, live page still forces a page reload but you now get a nice 10 second counting down warning about it. In the future most operations will be updated to happen without a reload, but this is a nice compromise for now.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • The event host now also sees the #DJ tab under the video to get a better overview on how the audience sees the page.
  • “Starting soon” warmup-notifications are again much more visible on the live page to make it harder to forget to actually start the event.
  • DJ admin page is now more polished and up to date. (Although there’s still lots of room to improve here, too!)
  • Web server software stack has been tweaked for better performance and the site is now served fully over HTTP/2 protocol, which makes a significant speedup on many pages.

Feedback and help appreciated! is a community effort, and your help is much appreciated. Please give feedback on the new features, report bugs and invite your friends to use the site - this is how we keep on getting better!

If you want to help in the development itself, check out the help wanted-topic for things you can do and step up :slight_smile:

Happy spinning!