Recomendations for Webcams


Sorry if this has been asked before, did a quick search and couldn’t see anything.

What webcams do people use here, looking to upgrade and looking for recomendations.

My gear of cameras 2xLogitech C922. Not too expensive, good quality.

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thanks will check it out.

I use the same C92x cams myself.


  • fairly inexpensive
  • very easy to set up
  • easy on the cpu because of hw acceleration
  • good manual adjustments


  • looks like webcam footage (as it is a webcam)
  • looks even worse in low light (although better than other webcams I’ve seen)

I’ve been daydreaming of upgrading to a DSLR video but the problem with DJ streams is always the environment which usually is very dark so the added benefit from even a higher-end DSLR camera + lens would be minimal after the stream has gone through Frankie (the encoder)… Maybe in a few years ehen we all have 10x more bandwith to stream in better bitrates :slight_smile:

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I’m running DSLR Canon 5Dmk3 with lens suitable for current setup at the time and epiphan avio capture card, totally totally overkill for dj stream and not a budget solution, but just happened to have this gear from other projects so same to use this.

Next best thing is normal videocamera with clean hdmi-output and a capture device, being in the same price range as gopro’s.
GoPro’s are also pretty decent in low light environments.


I have a C270 for my overhead cam, a C920 for my side cam and a Logitech Brio for my face on. The Brio is excellent but at more than twice the price of the C920 when I bought it I’m not sure it’s worth the extra cost.

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I use the Zoom Q2N-4K which is compatible with MAC and PC. It is also a 4K Video camera, has 2 condenser mics in an X-Y pattern, can be used as an audio recorder and a mic. it has an external auxiliary mic inputm, a headset output, a micro USB and micro HDMI output. no additional intefaces or driver software needed. This is a camera specifically designed for entertainers. I am very pleased with it.

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How do you combine the different sources?

I have my camera doing only video, I feed audio through focusrite 2i2 or straight from mixer with usb and combine everything in streaming software, either OBS or vMix.
Roland has nowadays pretty nice small hdmi-video mixers that mixes couple HDMI-inputs, combines with audio, but haven’t bear to buy one yet.

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I run 2 C920s and a C922 for over the booth. They work great in OBS with a wireless mouse set up in the booth to quickly change between cameras during a set

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Do you run these through your pc or separate interface?

I just run the cameras through the pc.

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I run all 3 of my cameras straight in to my PC and use OBS to combine and switch between them.

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I have been using a Zoom Q2N-4K with remarkable clarity.