Questions about the Festival

If you’ve been voted to play in the Festival you will shortly be receiving a message to fill in your details on a collective spreadsheet, you will need to do this by Friday or we’ll assume you can’t take part.

If you have any questions about the festival once you’re received your invitation please post them here so others can see them, this way hopefully it will avoid any duplication of questions and answers.



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If I remember right RetroRadio TV removed his account from, so I assume he is not playing in festival? Please correct if I’m wrong.

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Yes you’re right I didn’t realise until today so I’ve now removed him.

Thanks for the great time-slot - however, i see i’ve only got an hour, when i always play 2.
I play classic rock - an hour is like 4 Led Zeppelin songs!
Not sure what to do, i want to play that time; but if i half my show, i half my viewers on other platforms, which is not good for me.
Let me know what you reckon, happy to drop-out the line-up and just do my regular show time independently, if that makes it easier.

:joy: :joy:

We’re still trying to figure out the final schedule for the weekend but there have already been some setbacks, some of our (the organizers) own making.

The original plan was for all artists to play a set tailored for this festival but we thought it would be nice to let people play their usual shows at the usual time – but not understanding that those obviously mostly aren’t one-hour sets.

Turns out trying to arrange a decent time for all DJs across the globe on different timezones is pretty much exactly as crazy as it sounds :smiley:

But hold on and stay tuned, we’ll get there :slight_smile:

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My main set is also usually 2-3 hours and starts at 7PM UTC, but hey, this is festival where everyone should have same size slots.

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can you access your messages?

yeah, I know. This is our fault. But the thing is there just currently is no way to re-shuffle everything in one day so we’ll try to find a solution that would work for everyone.

We consider this festival as a rehearsal for the next one which will be something absolutely brilliant. We’ll give us a bit more time to do everything right and we’ll take in all the tough lessons we learned from this first one :slight_smile:

But, I’m quite stoked about this first one already!11 \o/

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Is the schedule now finalized and accurate? Less than 24 hours til festival start and everything is still a mess.

There’s already 2 events booked on top of each other, Jayman has scheduled over my timeslot, and REXY has scheduled over Danacat.

You’re probably reading the the schedule wrong. Start Time UTC is the column everything goes by, and the local times may or may not be correct for each DJ. (It also looks somewhat interesting as we are literally all around the world so one DJ may end up his set at 3am local time while the one after is starting afternoon in their local time! :smiley: ) There are no overlaps but few slots are stretched to 2 hours because of scheduling difficulties. Everything is indeed finalized now.

We had been struggling to figure out if we can create the events automatically or not, but as of ~20 minutes ago, the server migration is now over and we indeed can create the events automatically so in few hours time all of the actual events should be visible on yout DJ admin page :slight_smile:


Who is charge of bottled water? :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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:joy: :joy:

It needs to be James. He has the beard and everything.


I Think I know how to read and understand timezones, and even calculate them, manually and programmatically, But this is how at least I see the for example rexologys event on frontpage as

And event details as

And my timezone is as it should be

and in google spreadsheet , in version last edited “May 7, 11:30PM” the time is different
“09/05/2020 22:00 09/05/2020 22:00 1h REXY” <-- that’s in UTC

This is why I asked is the schedule accurate and correct because this didn’t match the event, one of these is wrong, and seems like its the event…

The festival events are not up yet, they will be soon. Hang in there :slight_smile:

Also, please don’t make your own festival events as the events will be created for you. (If you have, just delete it.) These are special events with special features that cannot be created by the normal DJ admin. After all the events are created, the confusion about the times hopefully clears up :slight_smile: The schedule sheet UTC time is the one source of truth, that’s the only time you need to know at this point.

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Hey U. I’m confused as to start time as well. The spreadsheet says my start time is 1700, but the event that was created for me says 1800. Can someone confirm for me what the exact start time is so I am prepared. Also I’m curious if we are able to go in and edit the picture for the event and such. Thanks!

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Your event starts 01:00 UTC and your event is slated to start at 01:00 UTC.

I’ve deleted the local column from the sheet as mostly everyone seemed super confused by it even though we tried to multiple times and with bright green color highlight that there was only one column that was important.

So, please don’t be confused about different manually edited times. Your event has only one time and the UTC time should match what the time sheet says.

hey u i thought i was going to be on at 8pm ct not 9pm ct what happen

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Done, another event (after 1hr set) but not festival has been created.

The idea for the Festival DJs is to support the whole Festival having one continuous feed and supporting the other DJs taking part, not to try and compete with it.

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