Question to the community: what's the best way to support non-profit shows on Slipmat?

There are some nonprofit community-driven shows (for example the Finnish Tuulipukukoodi) here on Slipmat which in my opinnion should have free or cheaper access to Frankie Pro as 1) they are not heavy users yet they do bring in a fair bit of listeners and visibility, and 2) they are not promoting any individual DJs or brands but are nonprofits and provided totally for free to the listeners.

Most other platforms force these shows to sell advertising or find other ways to monetize their shows in order to use their services. I would prefer not to hear random mattress ads in a music-focused show, and therefore would like to ask Slipmat community for opinnions. While it would be easy to just give these shows free keys (and I think this is exactly what will happen in very short term), I’d really like to find and document a solution that would allow other similar shows to use Slipmat for free or reduced prices as well.

I’m thinking something in the lines of:

  1. Any show could provide us some relevant documentation that proves its nonprofit / community maintained status. (We’re not lawyers here so anything that makes sense works.) Note that this does not include shows by individual DJs, or any shows that have any paid promotions in their streams.
  2. If the show has been and/or is intending to be streamed primarily on Slipmat, they would be eligible for nonprofit keys either for free or a reduced price.
  3. The live event page, the event archives and live event audio itself should have a mention that its sponsored by Slipmat community.
  4. We would then post a public application for any show seeking for these keys. It would include description of the show, relevant links, and details of related members / DJs from the Slipmat community. The community could vote to either accept or reject the application.

Does this sound reasonable? Anyone have any better ideas or other thought of bringing in shows from nonprofits?


Sounds like a fair way to handle this type of stream.