Question for the community: wanted features for DJ groups / combined artists?

Currently there is a strict relation of “one user per one DJ” and “one DJ per one event”. We’ve had an idea of DJ groups and also of artists who are combined of more than one DJ. This is an open question to the community; is there something specific that You would like from this kind of functionality?

I’m interested in both feature requests (ie. I would like to be able to do foo) and suggestions on the actual workflows if you have any. There is lots of ways to do this and obviously we don’t want to miss any use case you might have.

Current idea

To me this feature has two distinct use cases; 1) artists / DJ combos who consist of more than one people, and 2) normal Slipmat DJs who want to be able to form groups and belong to one or more of these groups.

Use case 1:

The first one is kind of obvious. We have for example a couple accounts here who broadcast live radio shows with multiple people. Currently these shows have their own DJ account but multiple users need to share credentials to be able to use it and then during events you need to decide if you chat with your own account or use the DJ account.

How this should work instead is that the artist profile would allow to add several users as belonging to that artist and they all would automatically be hosts during live events and be able to do anything the artist is able to do. We should also have more tools to help groupwork and current tools should be able to display who in the group has done what. (Ie. “this event was last modified by Bob” kind of stuff.)

Use case 2:

This one is not so familiar to me. Let’s say that I wanted to create a Slipmat Group (?) called “Vinyl Junkies” so few of my DJ-mates could play events together and maybe organize virtual festivals etc. What should these groups be able to do? How would they be shown on the site? What kind of features would we want for these groups?

All comments and ideas very much welcome!

I do like the idea of groups to create an event. I think that this type of groups should be able to schedule an event, setup the djs schedules shows for the agreed time, link to other dj schedules. Ability to have more than one adminstrator if desired for that group that can do modification/schedules and such. For example a dj cant do his set schedule show that I set up, another admin can delete that show setup a new show and relink them

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If groups could create events, they would behave almost exactly the same as combined artists (use case 1 above), right? It there are no practical differences between these two, we could just put a “this DJ profile is a group” -checkbox on the profile page and be done with it.

Of course groups could thave their own pages (directories) etc, but if they would be functionally almost identical with normal DJs, I don’t see a point of making it any harder in the code either :slight_smile: