Profile screen doesn't work

On the edit profile screen it says my facebook link is invalid - it is not
On the same page it says my exactly sized 1024x536 image is the wrong size, from the requested 1024x536 image - it is not

Hi mate, very sorry for the late reply – I totally forgot to answer!

This is an issue with the Facebook API that recently got disabled due to changes at their end. It’s on the high prio list to get fixed.

Could you attach the picture you’re trying to upload here or send me as a pm so I could try to reproduce the issue? This definitely sounds like a bug, but I think there might be something wrong with the picture as this seems to work for others.

Thanks for your reply!

I don’t have the image on my computer just now unfortunately, but it was exactly 1024x536 RGB, 72dpi JPEG, about 300kb

I am an artworker as my full-time job, so i know exactly what i’m doing with images - yet this did not work

I can’t really set-up my account properly until this and the FB log-in are fixed, so keep me updated and that would be great!

Also, i was wondering if there was a way to embed the video player onto my own webpage?

Let me know if there is a solution

best wishes


There’s probably a bug either in the dimension calculation of the front code or in the actual reported pixel size in the UI vs the code, I created ticket #491 about this issue.

Everything works normally w/o these details, they just add extra features to your account so if you want to test things out, just go for it :slight_smile:

Currently no. If you want, you can create a feature request for this so the community can vote it.

Thanks man! I will try later on :slight_smile:

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The Facebook thing, still says it is invalid, so i can’t set up my DJ profile? - that is suitable, yes?
The image has now appeared which is good :slight_smile: