Problems with uploading Event Photo

When I try to make my first test-event, I tried to upload an “Event Photo”.
I made this picture with Pablo, and the resolution of the image is 1024x512.
When I upload this image in the form it says it’s not the right optimal resolution of 1024x512, so it needs to be cropped resized ???
(See attached image)

This error of cropping / resizing the image will always be shown, no matter how large or small the image is.
After ignoring this and filling in all other fields, the error on the end of the page went away.
“Not Ready: fix these before scheduling: -Photo missing or invalid”

I hope this uploading of a picture, reading it’s correct size and giving false errors can be solved.

Hi mate!

This sounds like a bug, thanks for the report.

I’ve got three potential workarouds:

  1. try a different browser; Firefox is your best bet, but try Safari and Chrome as well (if some of these work while others dont, please tell us so we can fix it!)
  2. try to upload any other picture or resize the Pablo picture manually before uploading.
  3. try to set your default event image, it might work better than the event form

If I remember right size was 1024x535.

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I’m very sorry, I forgot to mention that I use Firefox already.
I tried different pictures with different sizes, but the error at the bottom of the page still stays.
The optimal size should be indeed 1024x536px (as this is what form says), but even bigger pictures still give the error. Cropping or resizing doesn’t clear the error at the bottom of the page.
“Not Ready: fix these before scheduling: -Photo missing or invalid”

Do other people also have this problem?

Click the crop and resize button and it will do it automatically for you . The resize may slightly degrade the image if it is smaller