Problems with Microsoft Edge Dev (chromium-based)

I’ve been testing the site with Microsoft Edge Chromium for a while. Even though it still is on a development status I’d like to make this report which is seen only in Slipmat. After a moment of using the event page starts to lag and freeze. It’s hard to write to the chat and even the stream has problems loading (multiple reloads to stream and full refresh doesn’t help). Haven’t seen this kind of behauvior on any other streaming platform before. But still, can be in a browser too.

Thanks for the report!

Don’t have access to Edge (there may be a development virtual machine available for it, I’ll take a look), but this sounds very much like a memory leak issue. This is usually a bug in the browser garbage collection itself and there’s a way to collect a sample of the JS heap and send it to the development team. But if you’re not familiar with this, just wait for the official version and if it has the same issue then just report the page and the dev team will take a look at it.

The current live page is technically a bit of a mess under the hood as it’s been built over three years by just adding new functionality on top of old code. The plan is to replace it totally with a brand new one after we get it rebuilt to the new mobile Web app. The new page will be more streamlined and much leaner, and will work significantly better with new browsers as the new tools take full advantage of the latest browser features :slight_smile: