Preparing a screencast for new Slipmat DJs - what should it teach?

Hello Slippers!

I’m preparing to record an in-depth video guide of the whole invitation process, mainly for our mentors but also to anyone who has the stamina to watch through a probably 20-60 minutes of features and explanations.

Outside of the invitation process, what features or things you’ve learned by doing here on Slipmat that you think should be covered for new DJs? (Again, not looking for invitation-related stuff. Only stuff after your DJ profile has been created)

So if you have had any WTF-moments or if you have learned something from a fellow DJ that you think should be documented, please let me know! Even the basics seems to already be a huge list so as I’m going to do this I might as well try to get it right the first time :slight_smile:


As long as the Invitation process is clear, then I would cover the streaming configuration and some recommendations. There is a post explaining OBS for YouTube here, I used to configure OBS, but I had to figure it out a couple of things myself by reading or guessing. So a basic that covers up to the streaming will be nice I think.

Reading is considered very good, guessing not that much :smiley:

But you’re right we indeed are missing a tutorial for OBS. I’ll cover that.

This would be great easy task for anyone in the community: if someone wants to write simple instructions for Frankie with OBS, that would be great! :+1:

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