Possible third-party disruptions affectting Slipmat on April 20/21

We’ve been getting various reports of miscellaneous sluggishness and other slowdowns in Slipmat performance. I just received first automated report relating to this which was related to a DNS error. These kind of errors are very rare and I expect that the root cause is somewhere deeper between our service provider infrastructures.

After a bit of digging there have been both DDoS problems and unrelated connectivity problems with our domain provider and hosting provider respectively. There hasn’t been any direct notifications of direct disruptions in Slipmat services and both our internal logs and third-party monitoring status services all look ok, so I assume the porrible issues are intermittent problems somewhere on the INTTERKWEBS.

I’m posting this here as a general notice that we’re on top of this and will announce if we get some better idea of what’s happening. Meanwhile, don’t be alarmed of random sluggishness, just try refreshing the page and carry on :slight_smile:

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