Poll: video integration with Chew?

The idea behind Slipmat streaming has always been that we do now build our own video platform but instead use external services like YouTube. There are, however, other options available too, like Chew. If you have an opinion about using Chew as a video source for your Slipmat events, vote!

Vote: would you use Chew as a video option if it would be available?

  • Yes, I would use that
  • No, I would not use that

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Discussion about this is also welcome :slight_smile:

Personally I would not choose to use it in my current position (and unlikely that’s going to change).
But I’m charmed by the idea of at least having the option, it would also mean that people will more likely choose to use Slipmat.io because everyone who doesn’t want to use Youtube can then use Chew’s technology with Slipmat’s goodiness.

I think it’s a good idea to make a summary of all pro’s (and con’s?) of adding Chew integration. I can start if you like.

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This would be a great idea and I would definitely use it because of the YouTube copyright thing I like other DJS are basically using sites like your to get our names out to the public and if we have to delete a set after we’re done defeats that purpose

to be clear, Slipmat will not archive your sets for you, not now or in the future. There are better places for that and linking archived audio sets (published on Mixcloud or Hearthis) to the ended event pages (and to be shown on your profile page) is on the very near roadmap.

If you want to archive your event video, YouTube is unfortunately not the right place for that.

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Yea I know I been wanting to ask if slipmat was going to archive sets got my answer now good thing is using chew broadcaster solves this cause you can record sets separately again good looking out for solving this problem

Think Chew will like the idea a lot as it gives them also extra users … and concerning storage they can be stored @ Chew too and no blocks of any kind

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I would totally use that because I like the opportunity of getting more people to my sets and we could let them know that we exist please please add this in

Yes, most of us would like it. Great idea to integrate other external services for avoid some mid-break issues of youtube.



  • Wider user base
  • More choice for the DJs (eliminates Youtube vs Chew arguments)
  • Establishes the need to correctly abstract streaming-service implementations which allows for better integration of future streaming-services
  • If there’s any issue with Youtube (unlikely, but possible, happened some time ago) there’s a backup service available and Slipmat.io continues to add value


  • Investing time in this means other planned features will be released at a later date

Anything you guys would like to add?
(I’ll add it to the main post later)


I also would love to see Chew.tv as apart of slipmat.io very much! :smiley:
I love the site and think it is a great place for set archives!

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We just need to cut YouTube completely out of the equation. Hosting from Chew to stay away from copyright laws is a great idea. Uninen, also adding links to the archives I feel would be a great asset.

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Not only chew, another one is https://konduit.live/ and it has own live broadcasting future too. Will be great if our developing team can integrating same futures here.

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Hey thats Kra3D’s site he made right? I was planning on playing there soon so i will give some feedback on the site ect.

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