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I’m trying to upload a typed up text file of my playlist for my show and it won’t let me. I spent ages typing that and it didn’t work - i don’t use recordbox or any of these things, i just type up my playlist - can this be imported somehow?

What format are you trying to upload, txt or csv file. If you can get an example of Recordbox txt file format or Engibe Prime/Serato for csv this will probably help. If you dont have Engine Prime, Recordbox, Serato or Traktor what use for music management?

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Thanks mate- it’s just a plain txt file. Is there a specific style of formatting required? Alternatively, can regular txt files be imported somehow?

Take a look at this video it show how Recordbox exports to txt file (5:04 mark)

You will at least need # Artist Track Name in the txt file. # repersents track # 1, 2, 3 … if that doesnt work try removing #
,# Artist Track Name
1 Paul van Dyk For An Angel

Ignore the , before # as I had to add it to show #

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Thanks for that man - appreciate it!
Is there some way just to type stuff in for this though? It seems a hassle to emulate formatting for software I don’t use.
My playlist is literally like:
Led Zeppelin - ramble on
The Ramones - teenage lobotomy

But as most of my songs are often short, there could be 50 or so!
Is there some way to just import a simple list like the above, without having to do all the formatting for software i never use? I can simply drag my typed playist into Mixcloud and it reads it fine.

Thanks @trancedaddy for the help :+1: :slight_smile:

Currently everything related to tracklists and the request system is tied to the PlaylistConverter as it adds some metadata to the playlists (so you know what artists and tunes you have played in recent 10 events or 4 weeks, for example and we can also collectively use this data site-wide).

I created ticket #493 to track this feature request, but at the moment we have tons of higher prio tasks so this probably is not going to happen very soon.

As a fairly easy workaround, Rekordbox for example is free to download and it reads iTunes libraries as well. Even if you don’t use it for preparing your sets or spinning, you can import your music there and create and export playlists from your sets. You can also add the tracklist to your event description but currently that needs to be done before you spin because the description cannot be changed after the event has started.

As a side note, I’m just curious, if you don’t use any sw for spinning, what is your setup like?

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My set-up is crap! Haaaa!
I use Traktor on an ipad, but the export playlist thing is no longer available.
Thanks for getting back to me - Its a bit of a pain to put everything through different DJ software, just so i can put some words on a webpage. To be honest, i think i’ll just leave it out until there is a solution - keep me posted!

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Let the music do the talking!

You’re 100% right, there should be an easier way.

The current implementation is built for a super interesting and unique feature in mind; for collecting detailed site-wide information about most played artists and songs so it can be used for top-lists and suggestions and all kinds of interesting things. (The thing is, we’ve yet to have time to actually implement the interesting parts of this feature but again, this is something that’s definitely in the pipeline and the data already collected will help building it.)

I’d personally love to see automated “TOP Trance” / “TOP Rock” etc listings on the site based on past shows and also AI-based suggestions for both listeners and DJs based on most popular events. (For listeners it would be for example data-driven “you have attended these DJs, you also might like these DJs”-kind of suggestions.)

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