Playdj site

Here’s another streaming platform, I wonder how many more. Makes us want to raise the game with :slight_smile:

Used it a few times , worked good but the platform stopped working because of :no money:

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I think it was pure bad timing. Spinning up a free BETA portal to stress test the platform is the correct path to take. Obviously they were not counting on a pandemic so had to face the music with infrastructure costs. People don’t understand how much capital is needed to make something successful. I think slipmat is taking the right approach. free use for a certain time but subscription is required if you want to continue. Beatport did the same thing with Beatport link.

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Have to comment on this misconception some people still have: Slipmat is 100% free to use for all DJs, without any limitation or restrictions. (This includes streaming, as long as you use any other available streaming methods.) We have been running this way for over 4 years now. The platform is fully funded and operated by the community.

Now we also have this extra service that we previously didn’t have: a native encoder (that is just one of the many ways you can stream here) which is something that costs serious money both to operate and maintain. For this, and currently only for this, you can opt to subscribe to support its hosting and development.

Slipmat is a deep and feature rich platform that is much, much more than just one stream encoder, and everything except that small part is totally free to use.