PLAY button needs a background

Hey U. So I’ve had LOTS of people that couldn’t figure out how to join my last event and I figured it out. They couldn’t see the play button. Against certain backgrounds the white button disappears. It would be as simple as having it with a black background, and then it would be visible with ANY background image. Thx.

That’s a very valid point, which is due to recent change in the third-party video player we use for the native events.

There is already a ticket for this but I’ll push it forward in the queue. Thank you for reporting this mate, this is how we make the site better for everyone :+1:

(The background would have already been done if it would be a simple fix, but unfortunately it’s a bit more complicated to do as we have to somehow tweak this third-party code from our code, live.)

Gotcha. I think two of my event posters work fine, but the 80’s event did not. I’ll try and tweak it on my end before the next one.