Opinion about the invitation process

Hi. I joined here 3 weeks ago as I was looking for a stable platform to stream from. I haven’t had an opportunity to try your service as no one provided me with an “invite”

I have to say I am quite disappointed and a bit unsure of what you are trying to achieve here.

I think you have missed a fantastic opportunity to really build the profile and use of your platform during this time.

I think you at making it too complicated for people to use your platform. Having to sign up, leave messages and effectively beg for a trial is just way too complicated.

It’s almost like you want to keep this service secret rather than increase the visibility. I would have quite happily paid to trial this service as it would have solved my problem - but in fact, I am no further forward.

I have used Mixcloud Live now a number if time’s successfully and although in BETA mode, it is very stable and easy to navigate. That have licensing agreements in place so no muting or takedowns mid stream. They also provide a monetisation stream so people can pay to listen to your mixes etc (if you have the profile)

They spotted a gap in the market and provided the solution so to pay them £9 a month for that problem to go away is value for money.

I also believe Facebook is shortly to announce a new deal which has overcome the licensing issue and will allow streaming -

This will likely impact the migration to Mixcloud but for now, it is the only alternative available and so is gaining a lot of support.

I fear you may have missed the perfect opportunity to make a mark with this platform as the global lockdown would have handed you the customers and audience on a plate.

I appreciate you are not running this for financial gain but I would suggest you relax some of the complex sign up system and get people on your platform, using the software and raising awareness.

This is not meant as a rant or complaint, more of an honest overview of how this is for the end user.



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This kind of sums everything with your experience.

You see the invitation process as begging, instead of maybe reading about it from this very forum where it has been explained many times over why we need our new DJs to learn the basics.

I really hope other platforms step up their game so we get some proper competition, for all DJs sake.

In my opinion we need feature-rich and deeply integrated services as well. And just like it takes some time to learn a complex instrument, it takes some learning to get the basics from Slipmat as well. Again, we are in private beta which means that everything is in flux all the time, and again, we don’t have the luxury of a highly paid development team and customer support department. But what we do have is an awesome community and everything we do here is for the betterment of the worldwide DJ community, not for money :slight_smile:

And boy do I know we have still some rough edges, and that is the very reason for the private beta, reserved to those individuals who opt in to read documentation and participate in the community. If that feels begging, it’s not for you.