Note to all Frankie EarlyBird subscribers

Hello folks!

I messed up my calendar stuff and totally forgot to prepare the new subscription system for all EarlyBird subscribers. This means that your original keys would have expired tonight. Don’t worry, the expiration time has been extended for all of you and you’ll be able to move to a normal subscription soon. (Like later today soon.) Your keys work normally for now, no need to change anything yet.

The original idea was to give you early supporters extended tie in your subscription and to make the jump to a normal subscription less hassle but I think this has been more hassle than for everyone else, I’m very sorry about that.

I’ll add a clear and visible notification about your subscription status to the DJ dashboard so you can’t miss it. If you want to continue your submission, just purchase one normally and it will then renew automatically every month until you end it.

Edit: the basic workflow works now and there is a clear notification of your status on the warmup preview page. Note that some of the data is still a bit wonky, though. Everyone should now be able to play normally and purchase a renewing subscription, so the main problem is fixed. We’ll post the rest of the fixes with the bigger upcoming update :slight_smile: