Noob in need of help!


New to this streaming game, I use Traktor and want to stream live mixes. I have had a good look around the forum, and nowhere is there a simple 1,2.3 to get set up and streaming!

Happy to use the RTMP stream as I like to keep things as simple as possible, but nowhere is there a step by step to get a simpleton like me broadcasting.

Any help would be awesomely appreciated.

Hi rick you have to be a beta tester to play at the moment if you are you, can set up a show but you must go in warm up mode to be able to see the streaming options it will be on your screen so choose native RTMP the stream key will be right there for you, after you put the info in OBS start the stream you will see your stream in a window on screen, then you will see open chat, do it then u can click start stream on slipmat when u do its live for the world or you can end stream inside obs in warmup mode if you just want to see how it works but the site works watch your stream on a tablet so u can see and hear how the stream looks and sounds coming back to you at the moment you cant watch it on mobile phones with smaller screens but any tablet sized phones and tablets it works, but make sure that you start streaming inside OBS 1st before you start on slipmat, join slipmat facebook group as well apply someone will grant you access Happy Streaming .

Hi rick! Sorry for the late reply (didn’t get notifications for some reason - need to check if the forum is working ok)!

The RTMP streaming option was an experimental feature that will change radically in a few days with upcoming update – in other words, it will get easier to use :slight_smile:

Koolstorm basically laid down the whole process here, but the very short version is that you first need to get OBS or other streaming software ready, then input the given RTMP stream url and key (from the event start warmup page) and off you go.

Check out the excellent Configuring OBS for Slipmat.IO tutorial by TD, it should give you lots of details!

Feel free to ask more help if needed! :slight_smile:

Thats no probs!

There are streaming settings in Traktor, where when mixify was still running you could broadcast direct from Traktor - just audio - is this possible with Slipmat at the moment?



The Traktor native streaming format is Icecast, which is at the moment in experimental testing status on Slipmat. When you select Icecast-method at the event creation form, you’ll find necessary settings to use with Traktor from the event warmup page. Like said, this is currently in experimental status and the service is provided by OpenStream.

While Icecast is easy to use with Traktor, I still recommend that you use RTMP streaming on Slipmat as it’s much more stable. If you don’t want to use a webcam, you can just stream a static picture from OBS (or any streaming software) :slight_smile: