New free layer for mimoLive users

If you are a macOS DJs who livestreams with mimoLive, I’ve created a (still proof-of-concept) new open source repository for layers that can be used with Slipmat or any streaming site that offers an API.

The first layer is a super simple “read a value from the Web and display it on a layer” that reads a key/value from JSON URL. If this sounds too technical, you might want to ask help from a friend, but what it effectively does is it allows you to put any piece of live data from the Web in your live video (as long as you can read it as a JSON file). The new package can be downloaded from Slipmat repository here:

PS. Yes, this can probably be done with OBS and other tools as well. If you want to help, I’m happy to add more tools in!

PPS. More tools for mimoLive and examples on how to use them with Slipmat events coming soon :slight_smile: