New DJ needing a mentor

Hi Folks… new into the slipmat community, have got my profile invitation status setup and looking all green per the guide… looking for a fellow DJ to give me an invitation and mentor me through getting setup to do my first stream.


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If you are able to, I recommend hopping on to our community chat #invite channel, there are a bunch of very active mentors there who’ll get you sorted in no time.

Thanks @uninen, couldn’t get discord to connect to the channel last night, but got there eventually.

got connected and @oxyRTRD sorted the invite for me, so all sorted now.

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Good to hear. Welcome to Slipmat :slight_smile:

I was able to get to discord, but i have been unable to over the last few days, says invite invalid. Any ideas?

Not sure what you mean. Can you please describe your problem a bit more clearly? What are you trying to do?

i was unable to get into discord chat, but now its working. thanks.

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Hi all… I am new here looking for a mentor…

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