My Event seems damaged?

Hey, my Event: has lost its picture and I can’t upload the picture again. Any tips what to do beside deleting and reuploading?


At my end everything working but a bit slowly. Did you edited your event and added new pic?

I created the event with the pic, then I saw today the Pic is missing, so I wanted to reupload the pic, put the dropfield is missing as you can see in the scrrenshot.

Oh… Thats weird. How about if you are doing new event with the same pic? After that you can delete the old one.

Sure asa, that will work, but I hoped I could avoid that. And maybe its also good to report that problem. :wink:

OK, something is really wrong!
I just created the event anew and when I try to click on “Schedule Event”, nothing happens.
So I cannot fix my event - what to do now?

OK now it’s getting really weired. I closed the browser tab with the new event and the event showed up corretly in the overview. So I opened the damaged event and tryed to delete it. When I clicket on “Yes, really delete” again nothing happened. I closed the browser tab und the event was deleted. So everything is fine now. but the behabior is still strange.

Hi mate,

these issues are related to the server migration that I’ve posted a few different times now. The responses to your browser are slow, so when you in the meanwhile try to do things twice or more times, the system – or at the very least your browser – gets messed up.

Hang in there, it’ll get fixed soon :slight_smile:

Hi Uninen,
I read the according post and mail after posting here. :wink:
So maybe a little suggestion for a change after the migration. When I click a Button like “Create Event” or “Yes, really delete” where data is transmitted to the server it would be helpfull if I get a message from the site like “transmitting please hang on” so I know I hit the button correctly and it just takes time. When I hit a butto and nothing obvious happens I get the feeling I might have missed it so I tend to click a second time making things worse in this case.

Thank you very much for all the work you put in slipmat!

Yes, these are all valid points and that’s how all the buttons should work, it’s just that implementing those little details generally take quite a lot of time, so many details like these are still very much not finished.

Hence, private beta :smiley: